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missing spring

February 26, 2009

I stole this photo from another blog. It was originally from Domino Magazine–BTW, I am still in denial that this magazine folded.  When I heard, it kind of gave me that feeling I had when “Friends” went off the air. I am not ready for it. domino_gasl_outdoor_rooms_18

I couldn’t help lifting it. Along with the exceptionally warm day we had today and the fact that it was still light outside when Roan was at swimming, this photo had late Spring all over my mind. I felt elated today, just because of these things. And, gosh, I long for a simple, relaxing, backyard tea party…or in my case, spring roll and “nab vaam” party.


swim class

February 20, 2009

Roan started swimming classes in the middle of January. The class is not offered in our city so we go to Oak Brook, which has a great heated, indoor swimming pool. There is a big water slide, a zero depth pool, which deepens just enough to wading level, a deeper lap pool, a whirlpool, and an accompanying splash pad outdoors for warmer weather usage. dsc_16192dsc_16371dsc_16413

Roan started in the Terrific Tots class, probably a little sooner than he should have since he hadn’t been in a pool since last August, but he loves water and has never really been afraid of it. Well, actually it’s more likely that I enrolled him in that class because I don’t have to get into a swimming suit and go in with him.

On the first day, I could already see repeats of Tot Soccer, The Little Gym, and Indoor Tot Gymnastics. He was completed distracted. He was excited, but would not get into the pool He kept standing on the ledge that he is on in this picture the entire time and wouldn’t go in, no matter how much coaxing his teacher nor I tried. Honestly, I think he was too much for his instructor.

BTW, in his second session, which he started last week, somehow the instructor for his group changed. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is because he needed someone a little more stern. His new instructor, in the photos, is friendly, but she has the right amount of sternness for him.

I am happy to report, however, that he has come a long way. He graduated from his first five week session and although he did not get to go on to the next class, he is now able to float in the water, face down (see second photo)and hold his breath. He’s been practicing his arm circles and his feet. He jumps in the water, assisted still, but that’s more than some kids.  Now if we can just get him to understand that after the class, he doesn’t get to stay and free play.

He does this really cute thing, even when he’s in water about six inches deep. He puts his shark googles on and stands up. Then he takes a hop–imagine a diver–and then does a little inch worm thing with his body to get himself into the water so that he is facing down and under water.  I think I might have to get a membership for the aquatic center since he loves it so much.

what we’ve been up to

February 15, 2009

retro-funk-version1Feels like forever and a day. We are almost all moved. It’s a tale that needs to be recorded. I just don’t know when I’ll get the time to actually put it into prose.

Here is a quick summary, we had three days to move out of our house. And then we moved twice in three weeks because we didn’t have a new place to move into.  Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? However, I do feel that the move has reinforced in me what an incredible little family I have. My husband reminds to not freak out and my son reminds me “Don’t worry, Mama. I will rescue you.” All in all, home is wherever we are together.

We are finally about 75% moved in. Roan is no longer nervously blinking, but our commutes are more than double since we are still driving him to daycare in our old town. He loves the new town and taking public transportation and although nothing will ever beat his old set-up, his new room is pretty cool too.

I miss our house, but I do love that we no longer have to deal with yard maintenance and cleaning the entire house. And, strangely enough, since we’ve moved into the flat, there has been very little snow…now that we also don’t have to shovel…hmmm…