what we’ve been up to

retro-funk-version1Feels like forever and a day. We are almost all moved. It’s a tale that needs to be recorded. I just don’t know when I’ll get the time to actually put it into prose.

Here is a quick summary, we had three days to move out of our house. And then we moved twice in three weeks because we didn’t have a new place to move into.  Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? However, I do feel that the move has reinforced in me what an incredible little family I have. My husband reminds to not freak out and my son reminds me “Don’t worry, Mama. I will rescue you.” All in all, home is wherever we are together.

We are finally about 75% moved in. Roan is no longer nervously blinking, but our commutes are more than double since we are still driving him to daycare in our old town. He loves the new town and taking public transportation and although nothing will ever beat his old set-up, his new room is pretty cool too.

I miss our house, but I do love that we no longer have to deal with yard maintenance and cleaning the entire house. And, strangely enough, since we’ve moved into the flat, there has been very little snow…now that we also don’t have to shovel…hmmm…


5 Responses to “what we’ve been up to”

  1. pakou Says:

    i’ve missed your blog & photo updates! sounds like everyone survived the move :-).

  2. Okema Says:

    Wow you have been busy! I have noticed you have been missing from “the board” so I came to take a peek at the blog. Glad to see you guys are doing okay.

  3. Minna Says:

    glad to hear transition to a new home went well. while i like living in a house, sometimes i wish we would have thought to get an apt/condo too. i hate the maintenance of a home.

  4. shoua Says:

    I’m so curious about all the moving now! LOL…. Hopefully you’ll come back and share your stories. And of course, post photos of the new place once you guys settle in. 🙂

  5. Minna Says:


    I don’t know why you aren’t getting updates anymore, but I haven’t changed blogs. It’s possible I accidentally changed something in my settings and didn’t realize what I did. What are you using for your updates?

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