A couple of months ago, I found Roan in his room. Unlike most times, he was not busy playing, making a mess, or jumping on his bed. I looked into the room and saw him looking into a mirror. He was making faces and saying what the faces were expressing…”I mad” and then a mad face. “I sad” and then a sad face…and so on. He kept at it for several minutes. I learned later that they were learning about feelings at school.

I asked him to show me his feelings a couple of weeks ago and he happily obliged.collage BTW…it’s hard to tell, but from top to bottom and left to right, it is: mad, sad, surprised and happy. I have to say, sad is truly pathetic.


6 Responses to “feelings”

  1. Minna Says:

    how cute! Max does that all the time too.

  2. pakou Says:

    too cute!

  3. Johan Says:

    Hey Kaosong! Man, your little Roan is a little terror! I love it! Hopefully you three are doing well. Are any of you guys Cubs fans yet? Haha!

    Pajjar and I have a blog on blogspot/blogger and I’ve started to grow discontent with it. How do you like WordPress? We’ve also looked into typepad, as well as hosting our own domain for a couple of $ a month.

  4. KH Says:

    I love RoRo’s expressions. He’s such a good boy. By the way, I’m updating my blog again. I’m going to post pics of our trip to the Children’s museum. Lots of good pics of Roan.

  5. Christine Says:

    So cute!

  6. KH Says:

    I got the pictures. Is there any way for you to send me those pictures electronicly so that if I need additional copies in the future I won’t need to ask you to reorder? By the way Kong loved RoRo’s signature. He just about busted out laughing because he thought it was so cute.

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