captain roan’s birthday

Lately, that’s what he’s been asking us to refer to him as. Four years ago (it was actually early on a Monday morning when my contractions started), he came into my life at 12:26p. It snowed earlier in the day, but melted by the time he was born. We still feel so blessed and in the words of my dear husband the moment we laid eyes on him, “We got the BEST one!”

dsc_2088I’m sure every parent feels this way, but I really cannot believe the little person he’s become. He is simply amazing to me…then again, he is my only.

He tries aimlessly to assert his power. I’ll tell him, “Roan, five minutes,’ and he’ll respond by holding up four fingers and saying, “No…four.”  

He writes his name and also is able to almost write some of his friends names.

He also counts. I sometimes find him facing the wall with his face in his hands counting. I’m guessing he’s practicing for Hide-N-Seek.

And yet, we still struggle with potty training. He won’t go#2 anywhere except for home.

He remembers things that I don’t expect him to and reminds me first thing in the morning.

He’s been insisting that we all sleep together. He’s always been a good sleeper. It’s so tempting to let him sleep with us…well for me anyways.

He loves pirates…anything pirate.

He builds all kinds of boats, airplanes, helicopters, rifles and handguns with Legos.

He reads…actually, he pretends to read. I catch him in his room with his favorite books open and telling stories.

He’s emotionally sensitive now. He cries a lot which is frustrating to me, since he never used to cry unless he was really in pain.

He’s a jokester and he cracks himself up.

He tells me not to yell at Daddy. I guess I yell at Daddy a lot.

And finally, I’ll end Roan’sbirthday post with a cute story. He’s going to be a litigator…we decided to implement a check-box system to get him to get  used to pottying in the toilet. I bought him a very nice Lego pirate boat and told him that if he poops 10 times in toilet, then he gets to have the boat. The first couple of times, he only had one poop each and we only checked one box each time. On the third time, he had multiple poops; four to be exact. We’ll he insisted that he check off four boxes. I guess I wasn’t clear enough.

Happy 4th Birthday, Captain Roan! I love you the best!


3 Responses to “captain roan’s birthday”

  1. Minna Says:

    happy birthday Roan!

  2. pakou Says:

    too cute!

  3. Pajjar Says:

    aww how cute. hope he had a great bday! when we first started dating johan asked me to call him “captain” whenever we drove in his car. i thought it was weird, but i played along! haha.

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