This was not a prompted pout. This kid just naturally does it. I actually have to tell him to stop doing that. I think it’s funny.


For weeks now, I’ve been wanting to sneak into our new neighbors’ back yard. They have these signs up against their garage and they’ve been calling me to do a photo shoot. Unfortunately, I have had no time and uncooperative participants…ahem…Choua and Roan.

We are going to cut Roan’s hair as he gets really sweaty in the summer and he just got this new little suit…and I didn’t bring work home tonight…so I felt I had to take advantage of the moment. He unhappily obliged since I promised him that I would put his Lego pirate ship together for him, if he let me shoot a few photos of him. And yes, he did finally potty 10 times. He was so proud of himself…chanting…”Roan…Roan…Roan…” It was particularly cute, I thought.

I realized that I have not written about our new place yet. Coincidentally, it was built in 1927–same as the house we recently sold. It’s a two flat and we live on the second floor. It is full of character and squeaky floors.

I was thinking yesterday as I was walking from doing some work at Borders to meet the boys for dinner how wonderful living in this new city is. It’s got the right combination of city and suburb. We walk or bike everywhere. Roan loves it.

And although Choua was laid off, we are renting again and the stress of knowing that I am on the verge of quitting my job (for a move back closer to family) with no new job waiting for me, I haven’t been happier in years! It’s liberating to know that I don’t have to be responsible for the condition of our home and that we have free weekends to wander aimlessly on public transportation throughout Chicago. Although, it could also just be that I know we are only here temporarily.

The only sad thing is that Roan still asks for his room and going “home to our house with the red door“.

I am so grateful for the life and gifts from God. I just hope I can start being me again.


6 Responses to “zoolander”

  1. Jaidean Says:

    lol…that picture is priceless!!! He is getting so big!

  2. pakou her Says:

    roan is so big and handsome! where are you guys living now? are you in the city proper? hope you are well … nate, lola and i are planning on going up to the cities for 4 of july. is it likely you guys will be up there by then? btw – facebook me!

  3. Minna Says:

    Roan is so cool in his cream suit. Love it! Your new place sounds nice. And how lucky that you guys were able to sell your house. Wish we could sell our house. I wish I would have bought a condo or townhouse because I HATE yard work & house maintenance.

  4. pakou Says:

    he looks so handsome in his suit — zoolander face and all :-). i agree with minna on the yardwork piece — yuck!

  5. Christine Says:

    what a handsome little man! i’m glad to hear you’re happy!

    i showed cami roan’s picture….he kept saying “ro-ro-ro”! we’re going to miss you guys so much when you move!

  6. KH Says:

    Love the look! So not like him but suits him well. I love Roan.

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