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duel of the pirates

June 12, 2009

There was one afternoon, last week, as I watched Roan playing that I could no longer resist staying in my photography slump. The moment was too lovely and the lighting was too perfect that I had to run and get my camera. DSC_2288You can tell by his expression in the first photo of how excited he is that Mommy is using her camera again.

Now I realize that to most people, every day life, is just every day life. However, as we move closer and closer to our final days in Chicagoland and as I realize that the quiet little boy that I brought home from the hospital just over four years ago, is no longer a baby, I feel that I just don’t have enough time.

If you know me, you know how much energy I have put into helping Roan with his speech. You would think I would be elated now that he does speak a lot more…and mostly, I am. However, like most kids his age, my little son asks me a lot of questions now. I find myself mortified each time words come out of his mouth.

 Either I am afraid that he’ll say something inappropriate or I’m afraid he’s going to ask a question that I haven’t thought up an appropriate answer for yet. I wish I was one of those witty Mom’s that has the perfect answer to every question her kid asks her. I feel serDSC_2294iously inadequate at answering my four year old’s questions. What am I going to do when he starts asking the hard questions?

I haven’t quite mastered WordPress yet so I don’t how to control where text goes so I apologize for the broken paragraphs. I really wanted to tell a story with the photos.

In an earlier blog, I talked about how I resorted to bribery to get my child to poop on the toilet consistently…which totally worked…  Well, Roan’s Dlaab (that’s Hmong for Uncle on mother’s side) Phil also gave him a late birthday present.  Shortly after that, Choua let Roan watch Pirates of the Caribbean and now he’s completely enamored by the series. Roan was so excited when Choua put the second boat together because now he can have duelling pirate ships.

DSC_2290DSC_2299He still builds ships out of his regular lego blocks, but it’s was such a joy to watch and play with him. He’s got this whole little pirate world going on in his head at all times.DSC_2287I mean all of the time. He’s Captain Roan, and Choua and I are First Mate Daddy and First Mate Mommy. Although, sometimes Choua is Captain Octopus a.k.a. Davey Jones and Roan is Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Movies.

I’ll be sad when this phase is over for him.