back online…summary of what we hope is the last move for at least one year!



We spent our last days in Chicagoland enjoying selfish days in ideal weather. We were able to spend some time at the beach (above and below), both on the North Shore and at Michigan Dunes.

DSC_2474We learned that with such a fearless little swimmer, if we armed him with a life jacket, he was able to feel more independent and we were able to feel more peace, since neither of us are particularly strong swimmers. I still can’t believe summer is officially over.

DSC_2517We also tried out some new restaurants…well new to us anyways. This one (the name escapes me now) was on the river and very good. It was featured on Groupon so we had a nice discount for food. Roan enjoyed the yummy pancakes…

DSC_2515…and the trendy outdoor lounge area.

Choua and I enjoyed our dishes as well, but we really enjoyed scenery.

DSC_2511Until Roan and Choua found what we believe was a baby rat, stuck  in a work tube. Roan was so sweet. He excitedly pulled me over to go see the baby animal. I did not have the warm reaction that he was looking for when I finally realized what it was.

Then it was time for the actual move. Our fourth in just seven months–this is where the photos stopped as I didn’t want to have such a backlog of processing to do when we finally got our computer set up and online again.

We packed up and with the much appreciated help from relatives were able to move another two more times when we got up to the Twin Cities. We stayed with Choua’s parents for one month and now we are in our semi-permanent rental. Have I mentioned how much I hate moving?

We are so blessed though to have such a wonderful support system back here and such an amazing little boy. The transition was hard for him, heartbreakingly so for me at times. However, I think the worst is over. Dressing up as Spiderman always helps Roan to find his normalcy.

DSC_2491BTW, he told me that he wanted to be Spiderman again this year for Halloween, but he wanted me to get him some Spiderman hands. This is fine with me since the costume finally fits him perfectly. Now I just have to order him some hands.

Some general updates for now, Choua is working (Thank God!), I think I am getting close to getting a new job, and Roan started a new class at a warm and wonderful Montessori. We are still trying to fully get Roan back into his own bed as he often climbed into our bed with us when we were all sharing a room at his grandparent’s home and also trying to get him stop and use the restroom to avoid the semi-accidents he’s been having. There is just too much love and fun for him here with most of his loved ones here. Since we’ve been back and aside from all of the moving, even more changes are in store for us. That’s for another post.

Good-bye Chicagoland! We’ll miss all of our friends and our time down there. Below is our livingroom from our Oak Park.



5 Responses to “back online…summary of what we hope is the last move for at least one year!”

  1. Liz Says:

    Welcome back to the cities! I didn’t realize you were moving back up here. I hope all is well.

  2. pakou Says:

    looks like you’re mostly settled in :-). i love the updated photos of your little guy…he’s losing his baby looks.

  3. Pajjar Says:

    wow u guys are here! welcome to minnesota! hopefully we’ll see you soon. glad to hear everything went well with the move.

  4. michelle Says:

    it’s so great to finally see an update!

    i miss you guys tons!

  5. stephanie Says:

    ahahahahaa lol LMFAO! Female squirrels get their periods?? WTH? How? hahaahaha lol. I just saw your post, I can’t believe you said that. hahaha. Fine, make me a male squirrel.

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