brown rice is gross…or is it????

I have really not enjoyed brown rice in the past. However, I got a great tip from an naturopathic MD to soak the rice in water for 2 hours before cooking it. I actually have done it for less than that it still tastes good. I don’t know if it is soaking, the type of rice, the water (we have soft water at the house we are in right now), or the rice cooker, but I have been loving it and just don’t really miss white rice at all!

This is the combo I use right now:

I had a conversation with my sister, who has really been the source of most of my education on recipes and etc. on this diet, but she bought a super duper awesome (so jealous of her) rice cooker and she said her brown rice is fantastic and she does not soak it. I’ll need to find the brand to post up on a later date.

I have to cook only 3 cups at a time as you need to add more water when making brown rice in the rice cooker. You can freeze rice and use it at a later date also. This has saved me a few times too since it’s easy to just eat something with rice that is already cooked. Try it. Frozen brown rice is also fantastic in the cooking process of fried rice. In fact, it’s better than using room temperature or hot rice.


4 Responses to “brown rice is gross…or is it????”

  1. PK Says:

    we switched to brown rice last month. i’ve been trying to get T to make the move and one day we ran out of white rice and i came home to find that he had replaced it with brown rice! amazing. i like it, max & kay both like it too. t and hannah are a little harder to convince. they sometimes go without rice altogether which is probably better for the anyways.

  2. Gloria Says:

    Thanks for the tip! We’re making the brown rice switch and this tip is so good to know! I hadn’t liked brown rice in the past. 🙂

  3. pajjar Says:

    johan and i made the switch for awhile. we prob ate brown rice for almost a year or so. never heard about soaking it for a few hours, but now im kind of interested to see what it tastes like! keep blogging! =) it’s nice to see u on here. hehe.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I love brown rice! 🙂

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