Day 2 of 365 Grateful Project

Holding hands

Holding hands

I actually missed the first day of the project so I’m on Day 1. I might have to take two pictures to make up for the first day.

Yesterday, I found the kids holding hands while voraciously munching on some baguette bread and cheese. Choua and I had been talking about how we were craving a good ol’ charcuterie plate.

He stayed home with the kids while I went to work. When I got home, we had both gone out that day to get all of the ingredients we needed. We had more than enough, but instead of waiting to eat it the next day; in grand Yang Household fashion, we ate it up in one night. Actually, we had enough to munch on for breakfast too.

What I am choosing to highlight today, in Day 2, is the love of my children for each other. I love those moments when they truly revel in each other’s presence…it fills heart to the verge of explosion.


One Response to “Day 2 of 365 Grateful Project”

  1. juliecrombe Says:

    I love that shot! So cute!

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