Destination: Singapore

I still can’t get over how time zones affect travel. It is amazing to me that I left MSP on 8/28 in the afternoon and it is now 8/30 in the morning, but when I talk to my kids at home, it’s still 8/29 in the evening. The photo below is out my window at some of the islands around South Korea.


In the time that I have been in transit, I have slept a combined total of about 10 hours. I’ve eaten like five meals (thank you to Delta and Korea Air for keeping me fed on my international flight).  I had three mini-meals on my 12.5 hour flight from MSP to ICN (Seoul) and one meal on my 6.5 hour flight from ICN to SIN (Singapore). I fell asleep for the first five hours on that flight and missed the meal but Korea Air left a sticker next to my screen to inform me that I could opt in at any time. They brought me my dinner with about one hour left on the flight. I also watched three movies: The Mustang (I am finding that I am a big fan of Matthias Schoenaerts — OMG that love story of his and Carrie Mulligan in “Far From the Madding Crowd” left me with all of the yearnings that I had for Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yoeh in “Crouching Tiger…”) and Avengers: End Game Yes…for the 6th time. I think it must be my favorite movie. I can’t remember the other movie right now…think I’m over tired.

Below is my favorite scene from End Game. It embodies the heart of a hero and almost has the feel of those Michelangelo paintings of good v. evil. Plus, I’ve become a huge fan of Chris Evans.  I think he’s my favorite Chris.


My layover in ICN was 6 hours. I was hoping to snag a nap room at the Transit Hotel but they were booked. I was in great need of a nap as I was not able to comfortably sleep on my 12.5 hour flight. I was in Comfort +, but the extra leg room was almost too much for my petite plus body size. I couldn’t find a position that didn’t end up in a cramp of some sort. Back to needing a nap. I stopped at the Korean Air Lounge and was desperate to pay for time but pleasantly surprised that I had access with my Platinum Skymiles Card with Delta. Even more surprised, I noticed that they had a Rest Room. Four loungers and three laying down electric massage chairs. I nabbed a lounger cube in the corner, put on my eye blinds and ear plugs and slept for 3 hours. When I woke up, I was the only person left.

There was also food and drinks and showers in the main area of the lounge. There is also a very nice bathroom complete with bidet. Normally, I don’t use them, but I felt compelled to try this time. I went and then wiped. I pressed the cleanse button and nothing came out so I stood up and was blasted with a steady stream of luke warm water on my back. Luckily, I had a sweater on and quickly moved out of the stream of water so my shirt was not soaked. I had to take my cardigan off though. Embarrassing!!!

When I arrived in SIN, it was my plan to get a room at the Ambassador Transit Lounge because I arrived at 5a in the morning. I had planned to book online but was not able to book the budget room so I was going to wing it…again. I am thankful that I didn’t actually book because I would not have been able to actually use the room since I learned that you can’t book them if you are not “transferring”. I was “arriving”. Arrival and departing airline information is required. Also, I forgot that I booked with Delta (Terminal 2) but was arriving with Korean Air. Two different terminals. There is nothing in the Korean Air terminal (Terminal 4).

So I buy my $21+ ($30 Singapore) SIM card that has 100GB of data on it and they pop it in for me and hand me a card with my American carrier’s SIM card taped to it neatly tucked into a plastic sleeve. I am good to go with communication now.  I text my hotel to see if I they will hold my luggage and what to expect in terms of cost for the taxi (no Uber here). They tell me $30. They are off. It was $42. Maybe they were telling me $30 US??? Who knows. Anyways, the taxi driver told me that my face looks Chinese. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been told that.


I walked in a downpour in a $3S poncho from the Seven 11 1.5 blocks to Straight’s Kitchen in the Grand Hyatt. Though all of the breakfast buffet items looked beautiful, only their fresh fruit and freshly squeezed drinks really impressed me. They had a huge array of Malaysian, South Indian and English/American breakfast items. All of it was a bit bland. I’ve had better in good ol’ Twin Cities. Above is the congee station toppings. I am on the fence about whether the delicious fruit was worth the $47S I spent on it.


I just got a text from my hotel that my room is ready early so I am checking in! Thank you Hilton Singapore. Now I think I’ll try to nap for a little before trying to figure out how to get to Sentosa Island before Stephanie arrives tonight. 🙂 Should I be offended that the texts keep referring to me as Mr. Yang when they’ve already met me???


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