Bintin Island

On our second day, we set our sights on Bintin Island, a very rough 50 minute ferry ride from Singapore. I’ve never really experienced motion sickness at all until this ride. Confident it would be fun to hop on a boat to a remote island I was sadly mistaken. Once through immigration, we were quickly ushered into a rather nicely air conditioned waiting room for the Residences at Bintin. After arrival, the resort is about an 80 minute shuttle ride–make sure to let the resort know of your arrival in order to ensure shuttle transfer.

Upon arrival to the resort, each party is welcomed with tea and cool towel. With our own concierge. Your luggage is also taken at this time and awaits you when you get to your room. Our concierge made special effort to try to arrange for our later return on the ferry the next day as we gravely wished we could stay longer at this beautiful resort.  Sadly, we were unable to leave later. For some reason, we had not figured the long shuttle ride and how that would affect our morning return.


Pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful our suite was. The living room was very nice but was kind of a waste of space. However, the bedroom was a place I wanted to remain in all day. As beautiful as the resort was, the large king-sized bed was the most restful night we had on our entire trip.


This is the view to the front of our suite. Two cruisers were waiting for us to use. Our bungalow was quite a ways away from the main buildings though close to (the non-swimming part of ) the beach. Processed with VSCO with 2 preset

When we arrived in the room, some lovely oranges were waiting for us.30bc6b81-adcd-404e-8eeb-1d1e10632937

The view from the outdoor theater to the beach.


One dinner option was to eat out on the beach. In the far distance you can see the over the water hammocks. It was such a peaceful scene.bae52d95-f8dc-4400-9502-6158073c5cce

We didn’t get a proper chance to enjoy the infinity pool.1b2a9714-01c4-48bb-898b-80256049a19d

Here’s me trying to not bake in the heat.096a28a5-0f05-418a-9fd0-eb7b70051eca

We could hear the monkeys in the trees but they disappeared when we decided to ride on the swings. f911ea57-58d1-4dcb-94ea-c8811fa2b908

This was the lobby…sadly on our last morning.60585886-4790-47cf-9c55-2ff176009478

This was part of our buffet breakfast. Everything was delicious. I really love congee for breakfast and the fresh and amazing fruits.8f7b568b-aff4-4e6f-b49e-178b6f09287734851e28-19d9-438b-8a06-bb911be52b26

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