Master bath finalized

Today I finalized my master bathroom. The first picture on the left was the original floor plan. I really wanted a bathtub even though I can’t remember the last time I took a bathtub. It’s 6.75′ by 15′. Also, I thought it would be worth it for resale. I realized that even with Aria claiming the other sink in the bathroom, I didn’t need an eight foot vanity and the one that I wanted is only about 61″ wide.

My builder didn’t think we could fit a tub in without putting in a wet room. I really wanted this option because I love the look of it, but the additional cost would have taken the bathroom $10K more than the first photo on the left. In case, you don’t know a wet room requires a customized bin and special glass. The additional tiling would also contribute to the cost. We both agreed that was too outrageous.

I couldn’t justify the additional cost and so I declined the design. I couldn’t shake the thought that I couldn’t fit a tub in that big of a bathroom so after a few days of thinking things over, I asked again if we could put the tub on the other side since we cut three feet from the vanity, could we fit a bathtub in that space? I am happy with the design that they came up with. What do you think of the final design?


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