demi: wc whitney menu w/ temperance pairing

I had the most amazing food and art experience a few weeks ago at Demi in Minneapolis. For months, I tried to get reservations to celebrate my baby sister’s birthday. Demi opens reservations for the following month on the first of the previous month. So on May 1st, I tried to get a reservation for June. I was about 2 minutes late and they were sold out. Alas, I tried again on June 1st to get a reservation in July. I was too picky on dates so once again, I lost out. Finally, on August 1st, I grabbed whichever date was available for a party of two and finally got a reservation for September. Therefore, we celebrated my sister’s June birthday at the end of September.

We talked with one of the cooks who just happens to be Hmong and he gave us a tip that if you miss out on booking online; which was the only way I thought we could book. He said that we could try calling. I also follow Demi on Instagram and saw that they put out notices when cancellations happen.

Everything was amazing!!! The bison steak was my least favorite dish and it was pretty darned good. We are not alcohol drinkers so we chose the temperance pairings and it really made the experience out of this world. Even though the place seems pretentious, the staff and cooks were so down to earth. The ongoing joke was that we were celebrating a birthday. This was our menu, subtitled, “early autumn, two thousand and nineteen”.

Courses: 1. corn broth 2. crudettes 3. quail egg 4. uni & scallop 5. b.l.t. & Deane’s Kombucha 6. hiramasa & plum soda 7. bayonne ham & melon 8. lake superior whitefish & apple cider 9. tortellini & finnochio 10. duck & lucile 11. bison ribeye & Red #3 12. landmark creamery ‘anabasque’ & leaf beer 13.cucumber and raspberry & mulled cider 14. black forest cake & spice and finally 15. mignardises

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