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favorite time of day

March 7, 2013

Every night before bed, I try to have some quiet time with the kids. I know how the kids love to hear stories about themselves when they were little so tonight I thought I’d highlight how different they were.

Some things I’ve mentioned to them previously include how Aria came out of my body, hungry. Her voice was loud and she was communicating with me from the moment they placed her on my chest after she was born. Roan came out, absolutely perfectly behaved. He was long and lean. She was short and stubby. He did everything perfectly the day he was  ready to meet the world. She tried to stay put as long as she possibly could – 7 mm dilated and no labor pains yet. He was born 5 days early. She, on her due date–with some convincing in the form of the midwife breaking my water.

Tonight I went further to talk about how I am always hearing Aria’s little voice. “Can I have ____?” Can you help me _____?” “Can you play ____ with me?” and so on. It really is a blessing and sometimes a pain in the butt. Roan on the other hand, I always had to remind him to use his words. He would point and point and I would ask him to use his words. Mostly because I knew he knew the words.

I continued talking about how I could tell his little brain was moving so fast and that his little mouth and voice just couldn’t keep up. I was surprised with his reaction.

He turned away, angry. I queried him further and told him that it wasn’t bad and that it’s just a result of being human. Lot’s of people are the same way. He started crying his sad cry. I knew I hit a hard spot for him. Roan has never been one to cry much. Choua used to say kiddingly, “What is wrong with this kid? He never cries.”

My heart just sank. He said he knows exactly what I was saying. That it was all true about how his brain was moving so fast but he couldn’t communicate it with us. He said that he felt so lonely; which absolutely broke my heart. We talked a little more and I told him not to feel bad because I never wanted him to feel that way…that he was broken or bad somehow. I told him that I also feel bad because I always felt that I was the one that needed help because I couldn’t understand and help him more. All of the speech and occupational therapists and the psychologist now. These are all ways for me to try to understand and help him more.

At the end of 2011, Roan was diagnosed with the third category of ADHD: “Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type presents with excessive fidgetiness and restlessness, hyperactivity, difficulty waiting and remaining seated, immature behaviour; destructive behaviors may also be present“.

People usually tell me that I should get a second opinion. However, looking back through his life, I am confident that he was correctly diagnosed. I was a bit relieved actually…and just so sad. As a mother, I think you always feel responsible. If only, I hadn’t eaten so many sweets while I was pregnant with him. Or, if only I could have been more calm or read to him more or…if, if, if. In fact, other people mention the “Ifs” to me as well.

However, in the true spirit of my favorite time of the day and in the spirit of my amazing, forgiving little boy, he empathized with my sadness and didn’t want me to be sad too. I think he finally can understand that he is not alone and that he should not feel lonely because I will always be right there with him. At least that is what I like to believe.


just another reason why having children is good for you

February 26, 2013

Someone recently mentioned to me that Aria bears a resemblance to Harper, Victoria Beckham’s daughter. I showed this photo to Aria and asked her if she thought it looked like her. She said, “Yeah”. She then turned right around and pointed to Victoria and said, “She look like you,” referring to me.

victoria-beckham-2-435This got me thinking. Of course, I bear no resemblance to Posh Spice. I could only dream to think that Choua had any resemblance to David Beckham. All I know is that both of my children still think that we are beautiful. We tell them all of the time how beautiful they are and they do the same in return.

No matter what kind of day I’ve had; at the end of it, these two little people and their genuine love make me feel like I’m on top of the world.

rumspringa-ish marriage

February 14, 2013

DSC_8008 Happy Valentine’s Day Friends!

Choua has been living in Milwaukee for almost six months. He’s working full-time and going to school part-time in hopes of establishing residency in Wisconsin so that he can start the film program in the fall of 2013 with in state tuition. Silly? It actually saves us about 1/3 of the cost of tuition so for three years, that’s over $12K or one year’s tuition.

So this means that it has taken me six months to finally figure out my new normal…and feeling like a semi-responsible adult again. The kids are in bed around 8:30p and I could get into bed by about 11p if I didn’t have so much of a backlog of photography related things that I owe people. My house is about 75% 5S’d (or the layperson, organized) even though I know more projects abound.  I feel like I can finally start giving back vs. consistently being the recipient of the help.

On the subject of being the recipient of help. It was really hard to accept help and it continues to be difficult. However, I have learned that I need to take care of myself as well in order to be a good mom; which is the most important goal of mine, right now. I am so grateful for the support I have and can only hope that one day, I will be able to “repay in full with interest”.

Sure, there is a lot of work left to get back to the life that I envision for myself, but it’s one day at a time.

On the positive side…and there is so much to be positive about: I am falling into a good place with myself at a job I started shortly before Choua relocated, the kids still adore me, I am able to spend ample time with them, we are all healthy, we’ve started going back to church (and it feels so good spiritually), I’m learning to find the silver linings and turn them into diamonds, and my relationship with my husband is more healthy.

I thought that when I was traveling for my job, the distance helped our relationship, but I still remember having more moments of irritation with him than I do now. We’ve learned to be more patient with with one another and to listen to one another. Even though we only Face Time a few times a week, I feel that we communicate more effectively with each other now. We’re more affectionate and flirtatious with one another. One could say, we’ve gained a “vacation marriage”. I think anyone who’s ever been in a long distance relationship understands what I mean by that.

Earlier this week, I was listening to MPR and there was a story about a writer who entered into what he termed a rumspringa from his relationship with his girlfriend of 12 years at the time because they thought it would give them clarity on whether they should get married or not. They started dating at 17 and were 30 when they decided to do this. Neither had ever been with anyone else sexually. Well in the end, they broke up. It kind of scared me since I kind of felt that this would happen to us. I am not naive, I know that many things can go wrong given this situation. I hope, with all of my heart, that we grow in our time away and realize that when we chose each other, it was for life.

Choua has been asking that we consider moving down to Milwaukee with him. I know he means it because he’s been sending me school information for the kids, open job postings in my field and talking to rental companies to manage our current home when we move out. If you know this man, you will know that this is out of character for him. I told him that as much as I would like to have our family in one home together, I really want to establish a normal for our children; which we finally have after almost 4 years and all of Aria’s lifetime. The school system up here is difficult to get into and so I don’t want to pull them out to just try to get them back in again.

Everyday, I ask for help from God. I hope this is the right thing for us and that we make it through stronger. My biggest fear in all of this is that we do grow, but in different directions.  Or that when we do return to living in one household together, we’ll also fall back into our old ways. This includes the kids. I hope that their relationship with their dad is strong and that I don’t do too much damage to them in the meantime. I mean there are definitely challenging days, but they are the best things in my life.DSC_8011

healthy finds

February 8, 2012

I usually only find these in the small box that they come in at the regular grocers; including Whole Foods for just under $5 a tiny box. However, on Sunday, when I was at Costco, I found these large boxes that have about 4X’s the amount in the small box for the same price! I grabbed two big boxes. I love these crackers. I hope they don’t get rid of them.

Also at Costco, you can find the Green Naked Smoothies in a large container that usually sells at grocers for $8.99 for $5.99. It’s the only flavor they have right now, but the kids also love it so I am not complaining and it’s the only one with “more” veggies in it.

I also have been using this veggie broth with no cane sugar; which some kind person reading my blog had mentioned to me.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to bake gluten-free bread and although it was yummy, it could not pass as bread to me, nor my super picky 6.5 year old. So I started looking around and dumb luck brought me to one of our favorite pre-diet restaurants in the Twin Cities, Cheeky Monkey. They can substitute any sandwich with gluten-free bread. They get special, larger sized (from their store breads) bread sent to them from Denver, CO. The company is called Udi’s and the bread is sooooo good!

I didn’t tell Roan and he totally could not tell it was “special” bread. LOL! I’m glad he didn’t notice anything funny with me watching very closely as he ate up. He even ate most of the crust! I almost burst out in giddy laughter at my cleverness…especially since it was their whole grain bread too.

I also bought the Annie Chung brown rice noodles and they were delicious! I could not tell the difference between them and the normal rice noodles I get from the Asian stores. I stir-fried it with some of the leftover scallops from last week. There will be another picture in my next post.

already slacking…but I feel so busy

January 19, 2012

I’m already behind on updating the blog. I guess, I just need to make 52 entries this year so I need to do a couple this week.

I have been playing with vegan and anti-inflammation foods/menus since the beginning of the year. I think I am finally ready to make the switch. Part of the problem was that I wanted to do both, but they don’t always agree with each other so I was sooooo confused! I think I have sorted it out enough now. I’ve decided that I am going to stick to the anti-inflammation diet (AD), but try to be as kind to the earth as possible on it as on this diet we can eat some organic meats (chicken, deep sea fish (no shellfish), and even small amounts of beef). Some of the ingredients are processed also.

I finally have my kitchen stock

ed with staples and mixed up a batch of this gluten-free stir-fry sauce. I wasn’t sure how much it made in one batch, but I plan to make a whole lot next time, since you can freeze it for future use. I then just grabbed a few items from my frig and started to cook. I ended up stir-frying chicken thighs with onion and oyster mushrooms and throwing it on top of brown rice (all items are organic except for the rice). I was afraid the sauce wouldn’t be salty enough for me. It was not as salty as I am used to, but it was still very delicious! Not to mention probably the right amount I should have eaten anyways.

I also plan to make this other gluten-free stir-fry sauce and rotate between the two.

In my quest to give up processed/refined foods and quit my sugar addiction, I have also been doing well. I have only had a few moments of weakness that I blame on the kids. We found a small bag of M&Ms in the car and they just had to have some. I was so famished as I didn’t plan well and had nothing for me to nibble on. I ate a few. I also had a white castle fish and cheese sandwich. Again, because I didn’t plan well and had no time to eat dinner between viewing a house and then going to see “The Lion King” at the Orpheum.

I found that making almost vegan and gluten-free desserts helps me a lot. I don’t really feel like I’m giving up anything. Lara Bars are also saving me when I need something sweet. I need to switch to ones without chocolate chips though since they may have traces of dairy in them. I also nibble on dairy, gluten, soy, nut – free chocolate chips when I need something sweet. So is that cheating? I guess whatever gets me through it right now as I am transitioning over.

We have also been letting the dairy slowly go away. Aria still drinks 2% organic milk because I am not sure what else to give to her (and she loves it) and Roan still gets a couple cheese filled meals a week. He won’t eat the soy cheese I tried to slip into his lunch the other day. Truthfully, the kids (and Choua, my husband) have a longer ways to go than me, but I think it is my responsibility to help them along as I do most of the cooking when I am home.

I’ve tried a lot of new types of food and spent a lot of time at Whole Foods. It’s crazy! I’ve also spent a lot of money, but I hope that that will be offset by the fact that I hope to eat out less…which we have!!! I hope it goes down even more in the next few months.

I have also noticed that my skin looks so much better and that I am less tired than I used to be. I also fell asleep so easily last night! I usually have a hard time falling asleep. Maybe it’s the placebo affect, but I hope it gets better also as I fully move over my meals!!! Now I just worry about the weeks I travel. I think I may need to get a room with a kitchen so I can cook (and bring my frozen stir-fry sauces) or start ordering The Zone meals for delivery when I do. It keeps me up at night.

year of the dragon…out with some old…in with some new

January 5, 2012

Hello! It feels good to be back! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I can’t wait to start reading blogs again.

I am going to start this year with my New Year Resolutions. I didn’t do any last year…mostly because I didn’t allow myself enough planning to think of them before the new year. I have learned that I am a person who needs goals and the start of a new year is a great and easy time stamp to measure against. My 2012 New Year Resolutions (in no particular order):

1. Prioritize God in my life.

2. Start living a “Kind Life”; which includes:

   a. Cut out refined sugars from my diet

   b. Move towards a vegan lifestyle, with a start on the anti-inflammation diet

3. Start moving again (aka: start running and doing yoga again).

4. Re-take up guitar (and singing).

5.  Start writing my blog at least once a week.

I feel that a lot of my daily life goals will be enhanced when I achieve #1 and #2. I have done a lot of research and it appears that people become more pleasant when they do. I pray that it helps me to be more patient, kinder, and well balanced so that I can be a better person.

And because I am on my work computer, I am limited with the photos I can attach so I am attaching one from the 2011 Holiday Card That Wasn’t:

our family has grown by two feet

October 1, 2010

I keep telling myself that when things settle down, I’ll be a better ___________. I usually fill that blank space with words like: mom, wife, friend, sister, blogger, photographer, exerciser, or employee. Lately, however, I have come to the conclusion that things will never [ever] settle down so if I keep waiting for that to happen, I’ll never be a better anything!

So in my quest to be a better __________, I have added items to my “To Do” list, closing my eyes and just keeping my fingers crossed. Childish…or genius? Fortunately for me, I am far more forgiving when it comes to not completing my checklist than I was before I got married and then had kids. Heck, I’m lucky, if I remember what’s on the list.

Quick side note regarding completing “To Do” lists: Before I met my husband, I always thought that the list was non-negotiable. However, one of a few times I left a “Honey Do List” for him and left for the weekend, I came back to find that “To Do” lists are in fact, optional. He only did a few things on the list. I thought I just needed to be clearer as to when things needed to be completed, but that also has not appeared to work. We are still working on this…almost seven years later.

Since the last time I wrote, we have two adorable and joyous feet to our household. Aria Duab Ntxoo Yang was born on April 20th weighing in at 7 lbs. and 7 ounces and measuring 19” (though I think they did this incorrectly since by one month she was already 21.5”).

One day I’ll post her birth story, but for now, let’s say, her early days were challenging beyond my imagination only because Roan’s were idyllic. And this time around, we had the undivided assistance of Grandma and Grandpa Vang. I can’t even imagine how difficult it would have been had we not moved closer to family. I never could have imagined, back then just how Aria could have ever become such a good little sleeper as she is today based off of those early weeks nor how happy she has become. She keeps us busy though with her unending skin issues. Let’s just say, we’ve been to the ER four times (to her credit, one time it was for me only) in three months and the urgent care doctor remembers who we are. That’s not even to add in the countless times we’ve been to our own clinic and to Aria’s dermatologist…yes, she has her own specialist at the early age of two months.

Another household move (we are still unpacking) and finally finding a daycare for Aria brings us just about to date.

Roan started aftercare with Discovery Club on Tuesday. He officially starts kindergarten next Monday. I just realized that I have nothing special planned for him. I haven’t even thought about it. In fact, I’m still swimming in half open boxes and can’t find where anything is. I found myself riddled with guilt when I went to the Nate Berkus Show Website and saw that he had tips for starting a tradition for the first day of school. My justification is that I don’t believe Nate (yes…we are on a first name basis) has a child. If he did, he wouldn’t have time to think if tips for the first day, none-the-less, blog about it.

Another thing I find myself riddled with guilt over is how I completely missed the millions of photo opportunities for my beautiful little Aria in her first four months of life, especially the first two weeks. How can I call myself a Mamarazzi? Every time, I see a photograph of a creamy, furry, naked little newborn all contorted up…I find my heart dropping and face shifting into a frown. I can only slightly recall just how my little newborn’s skinny little legs used to form the shape of a heart when I lay her down to change her diaper. Or how her little arms would fall over her little eyes and face after she finished nursing and I lay her on her side.

Back to not living up to my own standards. I am so tired of being so forgetful. In the last three days, I have had to return to my home every single day because I forgot something at home. Since I can’t blame my memory loss from my sleepless nights on having a nursing infant, I’m going to blame it on the overall stress that comes with being a _________. Fill the blank in with one of the words from the first paragraph.

Have I mentioned also how tired I am of being sick? I am not a sick person so this comes really hard on me. I had strep throat twice in one month and now I have another virus that has rendered me tired and cranky.

Another side note: I ignorantly took the penicillin shot the first time around thinking I’d rather have a little shot than take a pill three times a day since my memory sucks. I should have known that it wasn’t a “little” shot when after the doctor asked me which option I wanted, she had a surprised look on her face and a “Oh!” came out of her mouth. Needless to say, I tried the pills the second time around. The sad thing is that I can’t even recall if I ever finished the pills, but I can’t find them anymore, so I must have.

Our new place is very large and a pretty cool home in a fantastic neighborhood. I guess the grass is greener on the other side because now that we are living in the place, I find that I can’t seem to feel comfortable in it. Maybe that will change when we are finally out of boxes and the rooms are functioning as they should be? Or maybe, when I have confirmed for sure that there are no mice  in the place with us—we found quite a bit of mice droppings in the home, but have made no confirmation that living mice are dwelling in the unit as of current.  However, I keep seeing shadows or reflections of little moving things all over the house only to find that it is my imagination, but it freaks me out. I lay awake at night listening for moving little paws. I wash and wash my dishes and I forbid Roan from applying the five second rule to dropped food items. In fact, Blanket (Roan’s lovie), also gets tossed in the wash as soon as he touches the ground also. Luckily, we have an in unit washer and dryer, even if it’s circa 1980.

Good Lord! From reading this post so far, you would think I have been in hell these past months. However, things are far from that. I am grateful and happy every day because I look into the eyes of the most perfect little children that have ever graced this Earth and I know that I have the support and love of the best people I have ever known and am undeserving of being related to or having adopted as family over the years. I also have a wonderful job and a great boss who has been so understanding through it all. It really is time to kick the pregnancy brain and the pity party and start being a better ______ again. This time, I fill that space with two little letters, which I will emphasize in caps: “ME”!

last winter…

October 1, 2010

Sad…I had this post set up to post and never got back to it. It’s from last winter. Winter is almost here again. 😦

first funeral

January 27, 2010

I told myself that I would take a silhouette photo of myself each month during my next (and last) pregnancy. However, I was so sick in my first trimester and didn’t really show at all until I was about 5.5 months pregnant that I could find the energy nor the reason to do it. Now, I am seven months pregnant and just entered my last trimester and I feel like a whale. I’m just plain lazy now. I have no motivation.

Like clockwork, the heartburn, middle-of-the-night and mother-of-all leg cramps, getting up to go pee every couple of hours (especially in the middle of the night), rolling out of bed, inability to aptly reach down and pull my dress socks up…well, you get the picture…symptoms are full force. I’m sure it’s my age. After all, it has been five years since I was last pregnant and I was a lot more out of shape this time around than when I was pregnant with Roan.

I can’t help but worry how this little girl is going to be. My pregnancy with Roan was so idyllic; in the sense that I never really had much of the symptoms mentioned above. I could feel him active inside of me and sure, it wasn’t always 100% comfortable, but I loved being pregnant! I had glowing and perfect skin. My allergies were non-existent. My hair was shiny and thick. People were so nice to me!

Anyways, Roan was such a mild child. He was just the best little baby any mother could be blessed with. He hardly ever cried. In fact, Choua used to taunt him to make sure that he knew how to cry and so that we could recognize his cry. Almost from the beginning, he slept 5-6 hours straight at night and after nursing him, he would fall right back asleep. He even took three naps well after his first year.  He would watch intently as older children played, just sitting on my lap. He was never picky and so anyone could hold and watch him. There was no separation anxiety, whatsoever. So much so that I actually worried that maybe he didn’t know we were his parents.

We were often afraid to have another one since we would joke that “God gave us a ‘good one’ because he knew our marriage would not survive a needy one”. I am hoping it is just my age, but if her time “en utero” is any indication of how she’ll be on the outside, I worry.

On the school front, Roan is thriving and enjoying school. Work—they actually call it work at his school—that he enjoys doing daily include: binomial cube, sandpaper letters, polishing, banana, rods and counting beads.  He also enjoys the reading corner and has been bringing home a lot of art that he is drawing. His favorite subjects to draw include: his baby sister and him, planet Earth, and Optimus Prime in both the truck and robot forms.

He also has been telling me that he has several girlfriends in his class. I am not sure that he just labels them as that because they are girls and he is the only boy in his class from 3:30p until the school closes at 5:30p or if he really understands the concept. He will often refer to the boys as his boy friends too.

However, the other day, I gave him a Dove chocolate as I was driving him to school. Normally, he would have eaten it up in a matter of seconds. However, I noticed that he still had it in his hand when we were walking up to the school. I told him he couldn’t have it at school and he said he wouldn’t. He was saving it for Laila. He must really love her because he doesn’t even save chocolate for me!

I have another story about Laila, but that will have to wait for another time since this post is getting quite long.

The last thing I want to talk about this time refers to the title of the post. A few weeks ago, Roan was asking a lot about getting fish as pets. He’s not always the most responsible four year old so I didn’t want to buy any, but his uncles have a tank full of baby Betas. After one day with his uncles over winter break he asked so nicely to take some home. I reluctantly agreed only after telling him that he had to feed them. At first, he even kept up his end of the deal, asking every day to feed the fish. However, a couple of days later, we noticed the water was getting really nasty and one little one was already floating at the top of the container.

Choua decided to change the water. Shortly after he did, all of the fish died. By then, of course, the novelty of having pets had worn off on Roan.  He wasn’t feeding them anymore. Roan didn’t notice, so I took it as an opportunity to teach him a life lesson or so. We had a little funeral for the fish and talked about responsibility and consequences. Oddly enough, he hasn’t asked for more fish. I guess it really was just too much for him and hopefully he realized it.

Included are a few photos from the funeral. He was trying very hard to look very sad. As we flushed the fish down the toilet, he hugged me and sadly said, “Mama…I am so sad.”

so much to consider

October 29, 2009

As I sit here writing, I find myself a tad bit uncomfortable. The waist of my paints are slightly taught on my slowly, but surely, growing belly. As most of you already know, I am expecting my second child in mid to late April. By now, I am 15.5 weeks along and still experiencing a little bit of morning sickness also. However, no complaining from me on this as I know that it is a sure sign that the baby is healthily growing.

At almost four months, I have gained 5 pounds and lost 11 and then regained three more pounds; for a net loss of 3 pounds.  I also informed my new boss of 2.5 weeks that I am expecting. How nerve-wracking was that? She was understandable, at least in front of me.

Since my last entry, several things have changed in my life. I find that if I wait longer, I have more to report out and remember. I learned that I am not a very good stay at home mom. At least, I never got into a good groove of being one. Though other encouraging SAHM’s have told me that it takes several months before they got into a routine that was rewarding for them. If worse comes to worst, I guess I could also blame it on the morning sickness.

I also was finally offered two jobs in a matter of a couple of days after three months of interviewing with them. After some consideration, I opted to take the lower paying job. In retrospect, I am feeling good about the decision—to decline a six figure job filled with travel for a local, yet very flexible job that pays a little less. Either would have been great positions for me, regardless.

Enough about me, then again, this could very well be about me, but after some struggle we finally decided where to send Roan for preschool. I have to say that the St. Paul early childhood (SPPS) options are confusing and often not very working parents friendly. Since we were late to register—as we did not know in time for the deadline—that we were going to move to St. Paul, we were put on a waiting list for the three programs that we hoped Roan could attend. 

I was informed that the chances of us getting into any of them would be close to 0%. Therefore, I had also registered Roan to attend an amazing private school also, Cornerstone Montessori School as we played the waiting game with the SPPS. We heard back from Cornerstone that Roan had been excepted to the school and were excited. However, since both of us were unemployed at the time, tuition costs were heavy on our minds.

At around the same time, I also heard back from the SPPS that Roan would get into a preschool program. However, it would be one in which we would have to provide transportation to and from the program, which only lasted 2.5 hours a day. In these programs, there was no option of after-care either. This was a bit inconvenient for us since we were still hoping that both of us would have jobs soon enough.

We did not do much research on the program choices we were given, but they did not appear on our top 10, therefore, the decision to have Roan attend Cornerstone was clear to us, even though it costs almost $1K each month to send him there for school and after-care and it was a bit of a drive for us from Summit Hill to the Roosevelt Homes area of East St. Paul each day.

Roan thrived at a traditional school. However, we had done some research into Montessori and really hoped that it would be an even better fit for him to learn. As he was new to the Montessori methodology, he was a bit bored in the beginning. (My disclaimer is that Montessori methodology includes a child centered program and each teacher, or guide as they like to be referred to, introduces each activity to each child—that’s a lot of “each”es. A child cannot proceed to do the activity until he/she is presented the materials. It takes several weeks to introduce each child to each activity, which may have caused him to feel like he was not being allowed to play with certain things.)

I am happy to report that Roan is learning so much and is even more independent now. I tended to tend to his every need, as he is my only child, but now he tells me, “Mama, I want to do it by myself,” or “I need privacy,” which is code for “I want to finish and then I will tell you when I am done.”

We also love the school because they have free classes for parents of students there. The classes are so enlightening. We see the practicality of teaching the Montessori way and wished that we had had the opportunity to learn in the same way, growing up. The school is also just beautiful! It’s brand-spanking new and the classrooms are large and serene.

One reason we hesitated to send Roan here, initially is that we were afraid that he would no longer have the opportunity to receive his speech therapy. However, the SPPS has a program that will send a therapist out to your child’s private school to ensure that that need is still being met as well. Roan gets speech therapy once a week at Cornerstone through the SPPS. We are so grateful for this and have seen the programs work together to make such a difference in Roan. It’s also wonderful to hear the therapist rave about how wonderful Cornerstone is.

I wanted to let as many people as possible know, however, that even though we pay full tuition, Cornerstone is an amazing opportunity for any child and they have scholarships available to families. Oftentimes, children who meet certain family income standards attend for free. We love the quality of the program and the mix of socio-economic and cultural students at Roan’s school.  I especially encourage all Hmong parents to look into the program and the school since Roan is the only Hmong child at Cornerstone.

In addition, the school has applied for charter status and hopefully, in 2011, will be free for St. Paul residents. With another child on the way, we hope to have him continue on at Cornerstone in 2011. As for now, we still wait for that waiting line to shrink over in the SPPS, especially at JJ Hill so he can attend kindergarten there. I know, why the rage about Cornerstone if we don’t plan to have him attend in 2010? Because we really do love and believe it is the best school for Roan. However, we need a break from daycare expenses. Did I mention that we have an infant on the way also?

And finally, since a post is no fun without a photo, here is one with my Peach: